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HBW’s municipal renewal division has had much success in this field. Our Firm has promoted multi-structure municipal renewal projects by acting as legal liaison between the project developers and the housing unit owners.

We are specialized in the planning and development, negotiation and representation of the housing unit owners, drafting the project contracts and promoting sound contractual relations between the unit holders and the land developers.

Additionally, our Firm further represents real estate project developers in municipal renewal projects, rebuilding of old buildings and the Israeli TAMA 38 project.  Our firm has noted long term experience in drafting contracts for consultants and subcontractors to a renewal project. We further have the knowledge and skill necessary to represent and protect the legal rights of the housing unit owners and tenants in large and complex land and municipal development projects.

In order to be able to handle land renewal projects, a legal team must bring a high level of professionalism and expertise in real estate planning and construction to the negotiating table. We have earned a solid reputation in doing so.

We are specialized in the sourcing of construction and building permits needed for the advancement of TAMA 38 projects. The Firm has the skill and knowledge base to draft and administer all contracts between the housing unit owners and the project developers.  HBW is further proficient in the registration of the land and/ or real estate housing unit in the land registry and the protection of the holder of real estate rights following the completion of the project.

Our firm has all the necessary experience and knowledge in the development and identification of the range of rights that come from real estate ownership and as such we have a leading advantage in the matter.

For further details on our recognized success, please follow the links in which our firm is mentioned for its success in municipal development projects.

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