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Our firm is looking to hire lawyers who possess both knowledge and experience in law. We are looking for lawyers who are highly motivated self-starters who are willing to invest of themselves in our Firm.

Our recruitment process has as its goal to train and integrate incoming lawyers for the long term.

The work at our firm is interesting and covers a wide range of legal topics,  all of whom apply to and to support real estate transactions and corporate law.

If you believe that you would be able to meet these high standards and become a part of our legal team, please send your resume to:  office@hbw-law.com


The primary objective at our office is to train our interns to have the ability to manage a case file and clear understanding of the legal field.

We believe in training interns that want to advance and succeed in the field of law. We hope to guide them such that they acquire the ability, skill and experience to manage case files that cover all legal fields and applications that relate to real estate, litigation and corporate law.

The interns in our office gain experience by apprenticing with the top lawyers in the field.  We believe in personal development and providing the kind of training to the interns so that they acquire ability to address all the legal topics related to a legal case file.

If you believe that you would be able to integrate into our team and meet our standards, please send your resume to: office@hbw-law.com